What is Helium 10 CPR?

Helium 10 CPR, or “Cerebro Product Rank,” is one of Helium 10’s own metrics to help sellers determine how to rank on Page 1.

The Cerebro Product Rankformula determines the number of free or discounted products that an Amazon seller needs to distribute over eight (8) consecutive days to achieve page one ranking for a particular search phrase or term, provided it appears in the product title. This calculation is an integral component of Helium 10 Magnet search results provided by Helium 10.

By utilizing this proven calculation, Amazon sellers can optimize their product listings to improve their search rankings, boost visibility, and increase sales. The number of products required to be given away or discounted over eight days is a crucial metric for any seller aiming to compete effectively in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace.

Helium 10 CPR score

How is the CPR calculated?

The original CPR metric, designed by Helium 10, was calculated based on discounted giveaways using coupon codes and a two-step URL. Its calculations primarily relied on the number of competitors and average sales volume.

As you can read on the Helium 10 Super URLs page, using 2-step URLs is currently banned by Amazon Terms of Service, so Helium 10 had to come up with a new formula.

In addition, with the advent of promotional full-price Search-Find-Buy services and PPC advertising, Amazon Sellers have found that they can achieve their ranking goals with a significantly smaller number of product sales in a shorter period. That is because Sales Velocity is Amazon A9’s (Amazon SEO algorithm) first ranking signal.

So, in 2021, Helium 10 developed and tested the new CPR Score, which is divided into two categories: Static CPR Score and Dynamic CPR Score.

What is Helium 10 Static CPR Score?

Calculated using a basic set of guidelines and is conservative, particularly when critical data is unavailable, such as the listing origination date of a product. This score applies only to keywords for which the product is not presently ranking on the first page or is not in place 1-16 of a keyword’s search results

What is Helium 10 Dynamic CPR Score?

More aggressive in its projections and takes additional criteria into account, such as the current rank of the product, which products appear on page one for a specific keyword, how many of those products have the keyword in their title, and the age of the product’s listing. This score is available in the Keyword Tracker tool and is only applicable when the product is not ranking in the top 16 at the time of the search.


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