What is Cerebro IQ Score?

The Cerebro IQ Score, found in the Helium 10 Cerebro, is the inverse ratio of Competing Products to Search Volume in reverse ASIN searches.

What does a a Cerebro High IQ Score mean?

A high Cerebro IQ Score indicates that a significant number of customers use specific keywords when searching on Amazon, but the number of Competing Products is low. So a keyword with a high-score on Cerebro IQ means a great oportunity for an Amazon Seller.

What does a a Cerebro Low IQ Score mean?

On the other hand, when you find a low IQ score keyword, that means that the keyword has just a few searches a month plus a high number of competitors. So you need to stay away from that particular keyword.

Where can I find the Cerebro IQ Score?

When using Helium 10’s Cerebro tool, you’ll find the Cerebro IQ Score column highlighting popular keywords with minimal competition, making them a valuable opportunity for sellers. This is particularly useful for sellers introducing new products and looking to avoid direct competition on Amazon.

By leveraging the insights provided by the Cerebro IQ Score + the ones found on Helium 10 Black Box keyword subtool, Amazon sellers can identify high-potential keywords, optimize their listings, and increase their sales and visibility on the platform. Those are the keywords you want on your listing’s Title and Bullet Points, so set them up using Helium 10 Listing Builder.

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