Do You Need an Amazon Seller Account to use Helium 10?

The short answer is yes,聽you do need an Amazon seller account to utilize Helium 10.

Helium 10 is a tool designed specifically for Amazon sellers, and it requires access to your Amazon seller account to provide you with its features and benefits. Helium 10’s tools and features are built to help Amazon sellers optimize their listings, research product ideas, and manage their inventory, among other things. Without an Amazon seller account, you won’t be able to connect Helium 10 to your Amazon store and utilize its full potential.

So, long story short, here’s what you need in order to use Helium 10:

  • An Amazon Seller account (in any Amazon country)
  • An Amazon Seller professional account. The pro account is $39,95 a month, aprox and it gives you access to: create advertising campaigns, win the Buy Box and Amazon’s Seller API
  • Access to the Amazon Seller API, Seller Partner API or SP API, so Helium 10 can connect to your Seller Central’s data using MWS, Amazon Merchant Web Services
  • An active subscription to Helium 10 (except for the Starter plan)

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To summarize, yes, you do need an Amazon seller account to use Helium 10. Helium 10 is a suite of tools specifically designed for Amazon sellers and the data it provides is only available to those who have an Amazon seller account. Additionally, some of the features available in Helium 10 require an Amazon seller account to use. For those looking to increase their sales and profits on Amazon, Helium 10 is an excellent tool to use.


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